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So Many Women, But Always Alone?

It's The Final Solution After Even NLP Fails

Did you experience SUCCESS with the remote influence techniques from the Psychic Seduction5 ebook?

Are you ready to take your powers TO THE NEXT LEVEL?

Introducing the unspeakably easy way to use the overwhelming P.S. telepathic techniques...

Psychic Seduction 6. Deploying cutting edge subliminals, guided meditation, mind altering harmonics and tomatis effects, this 20 minute mp3 program takes the guesswork out of mental telepathy... and puts you in the Commander's chair of irresistible thought transfer... whether your target is in another room... or another continent.

Attract Women with this System. Guaranteed

Mental Telepathy is a natural skill. We were born to it, but as we grew older and relied on conventional speech, we gradually lost this amazing faculty.

Nonetheless, science has proven that with the proper mind state, we can effect a reasonably clear transfer of thoughts and impressions... in the minds of others. 

Psychic Seduction Activates Chi Energy!

We've taken unparalleled subliminal technology,  combined it with cutting-edge binaural beat matrices and used a powerful script.... all to quickly and develop your skill of telepathic transfer:

How does it work?

 BrainEngine (TM)- Building upon the wildly successful Deep Mind series developed by Exceed Global in 1999, the CD harmonics irresistibly nudge the user from the hectic Beta brain state down into low alpha state where the brain reaches an awakening. Psychic faculties theoretically reach optimum. Mental telepathy becomes easier. There's more. Our BrainEngine technology  uniquely resonate at theoretical frequencies which reportedly stimulate your psychic energy centers. You will experience throbbing sensations, a lightening of your spirit and a sudden expansion of your consciousness. Flashes of light may criscross your mental screen as various parts of your body heat literally up. Don't worry, it's just your energy patterns altering to accommodate the released chi.


Guided script (TM)- The Psychic Seduction5 ebook taught 18 methods of telepathic transfer. If you found them easy, welcome to the easiest method of all! With our unique voice script, your mind will be forced to absorb tremendous psionic energy necessary for thought transfer. From there, the script laser focuses your thoughts onto the target of your choosing and naturally allows you to fire a barrage of emotional commands straight into his or her mind! Versatility is unlimited. You choose the commands; the script simply makes the thought transfer  highly efficient


Subliminals - You don't believe in telepathy? Doubt can be the biggest stumbling block to success! Pulsed at a carrier wave of 12,000hz to 18,000hz are  special commands reverberating within your inner ear... to convince you of your power to send thoughts and impressions.... just like you did back when you were a child!


Here at XtremeMind, we've developed this unique sound formulation light years beyond our original 1999 Deep Mind brainwave technology to jump start your brain into OVERDRIVE in TWENTY minutes FLAT.

Core Benefits of this Program

  • Easy mastery of telepathy. Use it to attract women, increase client rapport and more!

  • Automatic acquisition of the necessary mental state and energy levels to project thoughts. Just plug, play and transmit your thoughts. In 15 minutes!

  • A unique visualization method that makes your thought streams easier to transmit.

What You Get

An instant download,  the Psychic Seduction6 Mp3

All you need are a set of high quality headphones, a comfy couch, and about 23 MB of quality listening time  whenever you want to send out your thoughts to a special person. Attract women or close business deals. Any intention will work!

Usage Notes

1) Before listening to the Mp3 file, have a clear idea of WHOM you want to contact mentally. If possible, get a picture of the target and internalize the image in your mind's eye

2) Also, before listening to the Mp3 file, have a focused idea of what the telepathic message is to be. Get a notepad and write down the message in a short crisp sentence of no more than 20 words. Make the command/ message highly emotional and visual. Remember that the mind will process thoughts more easily if they can be SEEN, FELT, TASTED and HEARD. Avoid abstract messages. It's easier to send a message that has images of a monstrous thief breaking into your house, than a message of a complex algebra equation.

3) Put on a set of high quality headphones, lie down, close your eyes and listen to the guided script. Allow the special frequencies to entrain your brain, energize your chakras and empower your thoughts. Within 9 minutes, the script will reach the point where you will be tasked to focus on the target and bombard him/ her with your commands.

4) Expect your target to receive general impressions of your thoughts. Depending on how emotionally charged your commands where, and how altered your mental state was, the commands/thoughts will have an impact on your target. It takes a few days for you to see  good results.

5) This is NOT mind control. You are simply communicating with your target on a psychic level. He or she can choose to obey the impressions received from you.

6) Practice makes perfect. Ask a brother, friend or lover if you can send thoughts to him/her at a pre determined time every night. After every thought transmission, ask her what impressions she receives. Gauge your accuracy. With time, your powers will increase and thought transfer will be more precise.

7) The CD is saturated with ultra frequency subliminals that aim to make the skill perfect. You may no longer need the CD after two months; in fact you will naturally find yourself lapsing into the appropriate mind state and sending mental thoughts when you desire.

The frequencies included are:

  • The 1.5 Universal Abrams Healing rate (pure sine wave)

  • 35 Hz pure sine wave to balance the chakras

  • 256Hz pure sine wave for the root chakra

  • 315 Hz pure sine wave for the diaphragm chakra

  • 320 Hz pure sine wave for the solar plexus chakra

  • 341 Hz pure sine wave for the heart chakra

  • 416 Hz pure sine wave for the psychic center chakra

  • 448 Hz  pure sine wave for the third eye chakra

  • 480 Hz pure sine wave for the crown chakra

  • 2675 Hz pure sine wave for auric field clarification

  • 33Hz to 4Hz binaural beat sweep for psychic development

  • 5000, 6955 and 8000Hz pure sine wave Tomatis Effect carrier waves (to stimulate the brain)

  • Mozart Effect primary background music.

Pampered yourself lately? Order Now!


60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are still unsure I promise you this... if this product is not everything I have said and more, I will refund your money 100% if returned within 60 days! 






Powerful Articles

Insecurity Destroyed Thousands. Are You A Victim?

Fact: Thousands wallow in depression because of insecurity.

When you ignore the positive feelings tied with accomplishment, it's easy to slide back into negative self-talk and sabotage your success. In this insecured state, you may find it tough to focus on or permit yourself to enjoy feelings of accomplishment as feelings of self-judgment then emerge. Talking to yourself in a dark way reinforces habitual, unhealthy behavior. A sentiment such as, “Why forge ahead if I never get anywhere?" reflects a lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem. The self-chastisement involved in focusing on past failures, rather than past triumphs, keeps you in the shadows of uncertainty where there's no opportunity for flying high.

When your self-confidence and sense of security are deficient, you may impose a retreat on yourself to escape taking challenges or risks. When a highly successful event does happen, you may conceive that it's sheer luck. Self-talk and beliefs such as “My effort has no effect on the outcome,'' may stem from previously programmed ideas that you received from deprecating others.

Feelings of insecurity and a lack of self-confidence can persuade you to try to control external events, including others. When you're busy attempting to control external events, you may not be in command of yourself. For example, trying to control the way someone feels toward you tan be very overwhelming. You can't command the feelings of others, but you can be in command of the way you respond and behave toward them.

Endeavoring to impact everything or everyone around you, rather than managing your own feelings and behaviors, undermines your self-growth and awareness. It fosters more insecurity. The point is not to focus on halting others on their road to triumph, but to focus on your own personal growth and accomplishment. Work at understanding and appreciating your competencies (e.g. integrity, perseverance, sound judgment, forthrightness) that are always on tap within you. Focus on developing your strengths to become enthusiastic and enervated. When you empower your mind and body to develop your personal strengths and resources, you enliven and consolidate your commitment to fly high.

Insecurity is self-destruction. Why stab yourself, or anyone else? Criticizing yourself unjustly undermines your growth and accomplishment Blaming and judging yourself because you're not able to lead other people's thoughts and feelings is self-sabotaging. Undermining the success of others erects barriers to warm relations, making it more difficult to appreciate situations that offer positive growth and opportunity. The feelings of triumph generated between two or more people far outweigh the sentiments created by insecurity and judging yourself.

Stop undermining yourself or others. Focus on your own road to success. Devote your time and energy to developing healthy thoughts and emotions. Take responsibility for your actions and move confidently toward your new opportunities. Fling insecurity out the window!

Anti-insecurity Tip 1: Be grateful for what you have.

Anti-insecurity Tip 2: Word everything in the positive. If I said "Don't be negative, I'm weakening myself"

Anti-insecurity Tip 3: With every rising, ask yourself "What great things can I do today. Do the same every hour on the hour!

God speed!


Being Safe? You'll Be Sorry!!

Why People Are Afraid To Take Risks & Leave Their Comfort Zones

When we consider actually moving toward our heart’s desire, a part of us automatically looks ahead to the possible consequences - especially the negative ones. Our “comfort zone” glooms onto these negative consequences. The comfort zone argues it’s the actions that will bring on the negative consequences.

The comfort zone’s emotionally backed recommendation: No Action

The comfort zone stays fairly quiet as long as we don’t seriously contemplate action. We can want our dream all we want; we can think about someday getting it as much as we like; we can tell everyone we know how we’re one day going to have it at every opportunity. We can even make commitments we don’t really plan to keep. The only thing we can’t do is DO IT!

If we begin to do it, the comfort zone goes into overdrive - hyperdrive, actually - and gets us back on track. “On track” to the comfort zone is what we’ve always done before, which means heading (again) toward B, even though our dream rests with A. Why are the consequences of action so uncomfortable? Let’s take a look:

1. When we choose, we must let other choices go. For example, if we have enough money for one popsicle, and we choose cherry, we must let go of grape, orange, tangerine, banana supreme, watermelon, and passion fruit. Naturally, we don’t want to let go of all of those other flavors that we love. All that loss! We’re miserable. We should have stayed at home. No, the storekeeper won’t let us have a bite of each. No, there’s no credit. We keep picking up and setting down one flavor after another, feeling rotten, until we get frostbite. When we make our big choice and go for the Big Dream, it means letting go of all the other Big Dreams, even though those dreams may be as appealing as grape, orange, tangerine, banana supreme, watermelon, and passion fruit. If we make no choice, we end up with nothing.

2. When we choose, we risk losing. If we boldly walk into the store and say, “I want a cherry popsicle,” we run the risk of the storekeeper saying, “We’re all out,” or, even worse, “We sold the last one five minutes ago. You just missed it.” (Why do people say things like that? Why do they add torture to torment? We don’t know why, but they do.)

If we commit to the one Big Dream, we might not get it. We might lose. And not only will we know, but everyone else will know, too. It’s the “agony of defeat.” Ugh! How horrible. When we never really choose - never really commit - if we don’t get it, we can always say, “Oh, I didn’t really want it anyway.”

3. When we choose, we risk winning. We stride in! We put down our money! We get the cherry popsicle! We claim it! It is in our hand! It is ours! The store- keeper says, “Congratulations!” Now what?

It’s the big “Now-What?” that many people find more intimidating than “the agony of defeat.” Defeat is part of most people’s comfort zone. But winning? “What would I do? What would happen to me? How would I cope?” It’s called the fear of success. Not only do we have to make changes to become successful, but success itself brings additional changes. The greater the success, the greater the changes.


How To Win Rousing Applauses To Your Speech





Joseph Plazo

Visualization will help you to discover more energy and joy as you tune in to your inner self. It will also help you gain the competitive edge in your personal and professional relationships. Visualization, or 'mental imaging,' is a powerful skill that can be practiced regularly to improve your communication.

It is a process of relaxation in which you can consciously evoke desired sensations and images. It is as if you are watching yourself and your surroundings on an inner screen. When you allow yourself to visualize, you are giving signals to your body to either increase or decrease sensation. You are in control of your sensations of feeling, hearing, smelling, seeing, color and temperature. Therefore, when you visualize, you control your feelings and thoughts. It is important to communicate positive signals, feelings, or ideas to maximize pleasant thoughts and situations, and eliminate unpleasant thoughts or situations.

To practice visualization, first choose a place that is relatively quiet, and where you can be alone for fifteen to thirty-minutes. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Breathe deeply and calm your body. For practice, imagine yourself sitting on the beach watching the sunset over the ocean .. . listen to the sound of the wind and waves... feel the sun as it touches your face .. . see the blue sky, touch the rocks and sand, and focus on anything else that is pleasing to you. Upon completion open your eyes, relax, and get ready for the next segment.

Next, close your eyes and try to create as real an image of the actual situation that you want to change. Focus on what is in the background and the foreground of your surroundings. Now choose a behavior (habit), or a skill, that is important to you. Make sure that it's one that you want to modify or change. It may be a new skill that you want to improve upon such as public speaking. When you have the particular situation in mind, visualize your movements and begin to slow yourself down (breathing deeply). See (in your mind) yourself speaking in front of a group. Listen to what you are saying. Observe your nonverbal gestures. Visualize this segment as if it were in slow motion. Pay attention to your own movements and sounds.

Next, begin to change and correct your verbal and nonverbal behaviors that may be frustrating your communication and performance. Replace your unproductive actions with ones that are more appropriate to improving your skills and increasing your performance. With your eyes still closed, allow yourself to review the situation again, only this time in the normal speed and in the new way. Remember, pay close attention to your verbal and nonverbal communication. You should be filling yourself with feelings of confidence. Imagine the audience applauding.

When you have finished open your eyes. It may be important for you to write down certain parts of your experience. This form of guided imagery can be implemented on a regular basis. Practicing fifteen minutes a day and increasing your time, incrementally, to thirty minutes is recommended.





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