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Want Real Magick?
In 24 Hours, You Will Experience That The Law Of Attraction Works!

Would you like to bring magic into your life, but can’t afford radionic machines? Do you desire to summon synchronicity and yet suffer a black thumb with magick? Don’t sweat it. Try our affordable professional manifestation services and experience the Law of Attraction in action.

Our team consists o f 4 magi:

  • An expert 65 yo lady from Britain. She is a master of Chaos, Kabalah and Wicca

  • A spunky 43 yo from Hongkong familiar with Summerian and Faust

  • A Jewish expert in Kaballah. Only 29 yo

  • A 45 yo Filipino master of reiki, Quantum touch and Chaos

(free spell: Urgent Cash or Amazing Health - you choose)

What is It

Conducted by masters of manifestation and blending traditional chaos magick with modern radionics, the operation involves the creation of tangible energy fields around the client for specific purposes. The action commences in 24 to 48 hours and will run for 6 months. The energy fields include the following:


  • God's Hammer- Remember the anime cartoons when a huge spacecraft fires a massive main gun which obliterates planets in its wake? Now imagine having access to intelligent life force that you can focus on a specific desire for 77 hours? God's Hammer is a maleable spell based on Elemental Magick, Chaos Magick and elements of Sex Magick.

    God's Hammer is ideal for those sudden "Uh Oh" moments when a burst of intelligent energy is required to move things to a certain outcome. The spell works on any abrupt desire needed.

    How Does It Work?

    Unlike the other spells on this site, God's Hammer is directed by the owner of the spell at the start of 77 hours prior to when he or she wants an outcome to happen.

  • You will send us your photo. We will cast your lifetime God's Hammer spell for you

  • You will receive a unique power sigil integrated with your photo

  • There is no need to inform us what wish you have in mind.

  • Now wait whenever you have a pressing or urgent need.

  • Assume that you have a specfic need that must happen on Sunday.

  • Get your sigil 77hours before Sunday midnight

  • Place one sigil in front of you, and one behind.

  • Place a drawing or object symbolizing your desire on the sigil

  • Close your eyes and meditate on your desire as though it were already happening  and you are enjoying the outcome. Do this for 33 minutes. Vital!

  • The magick will flood from the sigils, into your primary chakras and flood in huge volumes into the future. You will experience mild to intense vibrations as the initial wave of energy lashes out in the first 33 minutes.

  • Synchroncities will shift to bring your desire or an approximate of your desire within 77 hours.

  • The sigil is reusable after every cast. Do not use it for multiple spells during the 77 hours it is targetting a specific need or you will short circuit yourself.

  • Chatterbox- a request by 5 clients. Chatterbox makes people feel very chatty and compels spilling the beans (bare honesty!) within 5 ft radius. Very complex spell- takes 3 days to cast.
  • ULTRA Psionic Amplifier-You have a rad box but want to take more power and manifest explosively. This spell engorges your device and area of operation within a linked vortexing portal connecting to several energy portals in the universe. Ley lines are created , life force becomes permanent and your manifestation machines take a new dimension of power  (dowse the before and after for a shock!) What do you get
  • Zone like states of manifestation

  • Quadrupled energy output given the baseline of your device

  • rapid manifestation

  • protection especially when casting negative operations

  • activated higher chakras. True- the focus of the device is on the machine and your place of casting, but you will indirectly benefit.

This works only on devices and objects used for casting. Ultra Psionic Amplifier can be applied on any energy tool, psionic or otherwise. Applying this to a knife, to a limited extent, can transform it into a casting object since it will have tendrils to power spots. If you want a spell solely on your mental prowess, try Manifestation Master.

Full list of power spots and instructions included.

Activation ritual required only once.

When ordering, specify whether you want MENTAL, PHYSICAL or PSIONIC focus.
  • Instant PUA L1-Sometimes, it’s dejecting that some men have unnatural magic with women. What would you give to be able to open any girl, break her barriers , and make her want you bad. In just one day?

    Now you can. The Perfect PUA spell melds three forms of specialty magic that works through an avenue vastly different from than that taken by Instant Charisma or Obsession. If you never had the WG radionics- or even if you did, the effects of this operation is so startling, it would feel unreal.  And you get earthshaking results on day one.

    Note that steps are very involved, that we need you to send us an mp3 of your voice saying some precise words which will then be enchanted for instant indomitable impact. You will have the swag and charm of a master PUA on day one. The objective: to transfer the collective skill of many PUAs into you. You will see instant results the moment you get the spell cast.

    When you order this spell, please send in your photo on a red back ground and the following phrases on mp3:

    “A moment miss”
    “nice smile” – say this as seductively as you can.
    “the story”
    “it’s a guess”
    “best part of the day”

    Are you ready to make real sensual magick?
  • Urgent Cash. You're in dire need of sudden financing for maturing obligation and this is the short term solution. Urgent Cash increases the probabilities that you may just stumble into money, find people who will lend, or just win a game of chance. The effects are short lived- only 5 months.
  • Gambling Master-You're an afficionado of competitive gambling and want that extra edge. This spell is designed to heighten your intuition, enhance your empathy so you can see past bluffs, and cause confusion and miscalculation in the opponent. Don't go for this if you believe in fair play. 
  • Manifestation Master- You dabble in wicca, radionics or practices of the Law of Attraction- but you're foundering. Stop fretting and start flying! The MM overwhelms the blocks, clears out the psi gunk and helps your etheric force grasp your goals thrice as fast. Primary mode of action involves the activation of key chakras, destruction of psi blocks within and without and the doubling of your thought force.

  • UnReal Sales- Are you in the business of selling online via websites or ebay? Or perhaps you run a physical establishment. This spell is hellbent on driving a torrent to bottomline revenues to your pocket. Simply place an overlay of the powerful talisman on the webpage you want to draw rabid buyers then sitback. What the spell does is to incite impulse buying, eradicate buyer's remorse, inspire repeat purchase and inflame a great deal of free referrals! This spell only for those in actual sales, preferably over websites, auctions or in physical stores.

  • Amazing health-  plagued with maladies and illness? This spell will change your mind about magic in less than a week. Or your money back.
  • Instant ESP L1- Wondered what it would be like to read thoughts or project them into the minds of others? Ever fancied the thought of astral projection. What about lucid dreaming? Crave a rabidly boosted sense of intuition, that people would think you have spider sense? Level One Instant ESP is a special manifestation utilizing chaos magick, two servitors, a special sigil and a very unique soundwave which grants telepathy, astral projection, intuition boost and lucid dreaming in 30 days or less. Merely follow the very short activation rituals and you'll feel and act like a mind master in no time. With a full 180 day satisfaction guarantee.

  • Bind You To Me- Do your words have no impact on people? Now whatever you say, will have a hypnotically mesmerizing effect, particularly when you give them a choice. Watch as you magically influence children, strangers, spouses and decision makers with utter ease. Includes action scripts to be used when you want to unleash the power. Perhaps the most useful spell onsite.

  • Regain Lost Love- Normal love spells like Charm do not work on loves that have been lost due to boredom, betrayal or the entrance of a new party. For the purposes of revitalizing lost love, this special spell is required to bring the magic back. It may take longer than normal love spells, but when your partner returns, it will be with a sizzling passion- that she or he may stalk you. The downside is that it is a coercive spell, and if her mind is strong, she can bounce the energy, making you 3X as obsessed! Dangerous and volatile; be warned of possible consequences.

  • Confuse The Aggressor. Are entities or people giving you a hard time?. Now you can throw them off balance. With Confuse the Aggressor, you can select an antagonist at will and send waves of energy that take effect within a few hours. The net result is that they'll feel so destabilized (and unlucky thereafter), that they may totally forget about bothering you in the future. Or they may associate their misfortune with picking on you.

  • Grow the Empire- Recession got you down? Don't sweat it. With a bit of magick, we can drive in more paying clients through your door (the same way we drive them through ours)... and keep them coming until you reach your dreams! This is a highly specialized  and potent Wealth Spell for entrepreneurs and businessmen. It is not for the employed.

  • Glamour The Boss. - It doesn't matter what gender your boss is; the spell powerfully makes the boss perceive you in a whole new light. You'll be the model employee in his eyes, and his right hand man. With the special instructions included, you can grab your next promotion (or take his place). But be warned that too much tweaking of the spell can cause him to perceive you a threat to his position. A volatile and telepathic spell.

  •  The Perfect Job- Qualified or not, you will get the dream job you've been aspiring for. Verified in five instances to bring in the goods!

  • Seize Wealth- an energy field of abundance expands around the client to attract financial opportunities and greatly increase his or her propensity to earn money, decrease debt, and forge networks that fatten the wallet. It comes with an extra ritual that you can cast every Sunday after the main spells are conducted to amplify the effect. An added bonus is a power chant that you can whisper each time you need potent wealth opportunities.

  • Repulse Negativity- an iron clad field of protection cascades around the client to cause all negativity (anger, envy, hexes, black manifestation, charms) to slide off and bounce back to the sender.

  • Golden Aura- a sweeping field of positive energy draws others to the client, making his speeches and actions glow with credibility. Great for salesmen and leaders.

  • Ultimate Charm- Watch the opposite sex  fall for your charms as you open conversations at the bar or the bookstore. This is the Golden Aura with a sensual twist!

  • Unbeatable- For competitive fighters only, this operations enhances your auric shields for resistance against damage from blows while boosting endurance, strength and attack reflex. You will find your senses dilating in a fight, able to better sense movements of the enemy, anticipate them and attack with ferocity. Your palms will also throb with debilitating black energy that you can use to drain the opponent of life force while in combat. (instructions to use the black force included)

  • Ideal Weight- experimental spell that nullifies your propensity to overeat, increase you desire for exercise and boosts your metabolism. Includes a special servitor that will act upon all foods and drink to burn those extra calories. If you haven't dropped at least 20% of your body weight in 12 months, a refund for this spell is guaranteed.

  • Lust- The Ultimate Charm spell tweaks the aura to make males radiate the Perfect Gentleman image and women, the Sexy Girl vibe. If that's not enough, try Lust. Lust fully stimulates the two base chakras resulting in both pheromone release and the radiance of raw primal sexuality. It's based partially on remote influence and Faustian magick.

  • Grand Synchronicities-  if you have two left feet and can't seem to get things right- here's the solution. Grand synchronicities makes things generally go your way. Imagine opening books to 'just the right page', or running into just the person you wanted to see, or always finding a vacant parking slot and even taking the road with least traffic. Grand Synchronicities minimizes your bad luck and replaces it with a streak of good. So the next time a mugger tries something- there might be a banana peel just waiting for him.

  • Armada- got enemies? Lots of them?  Here's an old spell that appears in many spell books. You'll have a literal armada of servitors that will take incoming nasty energy and turn it back on your attacker (entity, person, spellcaster). So the worse the energy, the harder hit your opponent will be.

  • Invisibility- sometimes you wish you can just fade from the social scene (especially if people like picking on you). Invisibility doesn't make you physically invisible. What it does is to dampen your energy field next to nothing that bullies, harassers and even negative forces will find you uninteresting. You can walk by a crowd and scarcely be noticed. The spell can be activated and deactivated.

  • The Cosmic Forces- Feeling drawn out? Perpetually beaten? Would you like a rush of cosmic energy on tap to jumpstart your day? Imagine dominating the gym. Commanding the bedroom. Or tripling your manifestation prowess. With Cosmic forces, you will have access to three fireballs of living energy. Each Cosmic Force corresponds to specific physical, emotional or psionic demand. Summon the Force and you'll never be the same again. You will feel like a god.

  • Forex Magic - Are you a foreign exchange trader but can't beat the market? One of this company's directors is an avid trader and has consistently turned in a profit. Using a wealth trend geared precisely to help anticipate trends, you can expect a substantial growth in your portfolio. And that's not all! Included with the Forex Magic trend is a very special ebook that outlines the precise tactics used to generate strong profit regardless of market condition. Don't spend on dubious $179 manuals or trading bots when you can have the system that transformed $10,000 into $70,000 in just two months.

  •  Pheromone Generator- Pheromones are those sexy scents emitted by the body which allegedly stimulate sexual attraction in the opposite sex. These chemicals have a profound effect among lower animals and a subtle effect amongst humans. With this experimental spell, your body will secrete the sex aroma on a continual basis. You may find yourself sweating a bit more than usual and carrying a 'riper' bouquet. This spell is only for those who have tried commercial pheromone colognes and want to try a natural alternative. Ordering this carries a longer 3 month guarantee due to its experimental nature.

  •  Sex Magick- Feeling embarrassed by the size of your tool? This spell will enlarge your jackhammer in six months, give you godly endurance in the bedroom, and make her want you badly. This spell is not meant for attraction, however, it creates lingering attachment in partners you sleep with. Be wary, as this may lead to obsession.

  • Roaring Lion. You need to seize life by the jaws to make it big, really big. The Roaring lion boosts your productivity, ramps up your ambition, kills procrastination and sets you on a driven rampage of success.

  • Adrenaline. It's not for sale, but for previous clients. After three months of using our spells, you may request a free boost to enhance your existing spells. Based on a Hebrew modality and uses the suncharacter for the source of power.

  • Hot Sex Spell (also known as Obsession Spell). - The Hot Sex Spell (Obssesion) is design
    for influence/seduce specific targets (female) for love / sex / etc relationships.

    After the spell is casted out - the user receive special talisman and proceed following steps:
    1. Find/choose a girl you want to influence
    2. Check with pendulum if her subsconscious can be influenced by you
    3. Get her photo or any her witness, and with talisman done very simple ritual.
    4. Next day check how she reacts to you - if it is okay let it be - if you need more:
    5. Repeat the simple ritual again and if needed do it for couple of days, one time per day
    6. A girl should gonna to "fall in love" and her "subscouncions could be obssessed and she will probably thinking a lot about you...." that's are common reactions.

    Additionally the talisman giving basic seuxal attraction from opposite sex,
    similar to Ultimate Charm Spell and/or some elements of PUA spell.

    For casting this spell - your picture is required.

    Her photograph you can find for example on FaceBook, personals, dating sites, etc.

How it Works

Specify the energy field desired, send in a picture or symbol of yourself to our email (support - at - and wait 48 to 92 hours. For the Revitalize Lost Love spell, we need a picture of you and also the other person. We will respond with an image of a talisman you should print and carry on your person for 6 months (duration of the operation).

The talisman is a link to the traditional ritual and accessory psionic machines used to power up the fields. The special rituals take a few minutes to complete but it will be fueled by radionic machines indefinitely. Understand that the bulk of the energy flow will occur over half a year, but even after the operation ceases in 6 months, your energy signature will be permanent elevated.

A critical component of the operation involves the creation of an energy servitor that you will command for purposes related to your intent. For those leery of "spiritual presences", this may not be for you so please do not request for the spell.

WARNING: This service involves very strong energy. To prevent any mishaps, it is recommended that PRIOR to purchase, you personally dowse your compatibility with these spells. Alternatively, you can request a compatibility scan from a trusted third party familiar with chaos magick and radionics


Proof of Action

The life force will be funneled primarily through the crown chakras and secondarily through the chest chakras. From there, the energy spreads around the body with its programming. Expect occasional tingling sensations at the crown and chest chakras for six months arising from this action. It is vital you let me know when the pricks of energy become abrasive so that the flow can be lessened.

What You Must Do During The Operation

Meet more people! Becoming outgoing allows you flex your new found energies and draw those who can elevate you socially, economically and romantically. Expect delightful synchronicities with each stranger you encounter. Remember, you nee others near you to witness your energy in action. You will observe little by locking yourself in the room.

Start A New Life Today!

It's only US$60 You are WORTH IT!



In the rare chance you don't experience what you expected from this program, fire us an email within 2 months for a friendly refund.  No need for justifications or explanations. Your happiness is our business.




Now, You Will Finally Experience Life Force And Magick Without the Cost of Owning Radionic Equipment or Possessing Manifestation Acumen! If This Doesn't Convince you, Nothing Will.


Trial It Now!


USD $60 !!  


After order please send your photograph to or the photo of the person on whom the spell should be cast out by one of our chaos programming Magus.

June 2013

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